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To render significant highest standard quality testing and basic as well as applied contract research services within a stipulated period of time in the area of pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, chemicals and fertilizers and water samples to our nationally and internationally valued clients. We value our customer’s requirement and expectations on top priority. 

Brief Description of the Company’s Quality Management System:
We have updated our quality systems in line with the requirements of ISO (9001:2008) and NABL and now we are working in a harmonized process and systems all over the facility to meet required regulatory norms. Quality and Compliances are monitored by pre-scheduled internal and external audits. Achievement of quality is the pivotal responsibility of the all department heads. They are directed to ensure that every operation is carried out as per the quality management system manual. Our pivotal objective is to develop a quality-centric, GMP-compliant, ‘Nil- defect’ system for the persistent improvement of the organization.

Responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Department 

  • Ensuring that all procedures are as per the Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Assessment of Personnel Competence Levels.
  • Evaluation of Procedures and Validations.
  • Preparing, issuing and updating the Quality Assurance Policy.
  • Maintaining and controlling all documentation related to technology transfer (if any).
  • Audit operations to assess the adequacy of existing QA systems.
  • Monitoring of Key Quality Indicators 

Core values:
At ADEPT we imperatively value three principles, Quality, Safety and Efficacy. However, the other indispensable core discussion making values of Adept includes but not limited to

  • Honesty
  • Diligence
  • Good Science
  • Fairness
  • Justify
  • Evidence based research
  • Descente, Professional and highly cultured working environment 

Ethics Policy:
Ethics is a bunch of moral principles, a feeling of doing right or wrong or an act which is accepted in professional practice.
All employees at ADEPT should always adhere to the code of conduct, professionalism, honesty and ethics.
Examples of unethical behavior include, but not limited to

  • Improper handling of complaints, data errors, non-compliant or QC out line
  • Improper manipulation of data or software.
  • Lack of reporting unethical behavior by others.
  • Artificially fabricating results.
  • Misrepresenting data such as peak integration, calibration, tuning, or system suitability
  • Intentional deletion of non-compliant data.
  • Improper clock setting to meet holding times.

Any suspected unethical behavior or fraudulent activity should be informed to be higher authority by an employee. The employee has the right to remain anonymous.

Secrecy is the integral part of science, which is strictly followed at ADEPT. Client information is confidential and will not be discussed with anyone, even those affiliated with the client not designated as contact, without permission from the client. The ongoing and proposed projects in the R & D are highly confidential, which should not be discussed with anyone except the designated authorities chosen by the top management. Confidential information includes test results, origin of samples, business relationships with clients, any procedures and testing that they conduct or investigate and information about their research, test samples, in house R & D projects. 

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