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Herbal Products Standardization

Curing the dreaded ailments by naturally origin drugs had been in practice since eons. However, due to lack of scientific evidence and standardization protocols for these products, the herbal drugs were often ignored or deflated earlier.

The modern science today has accepted the potentials of the plant kingdom as a source of bio dynamic molecule. The researchers of the present day see the natural products as models for the design and synthesis of new molecules that blossomed out of their quantitative structure activity relationship.

The new area of natural drug standardization has gained momentum in the recent years which include pharmacognostic, chemical, biological, biopharmaceutical and molecular loom of drug discovery and development. World health organization (WHO) guideline for the quality control of medicinal plants/plant material emphasize on the organoleptic and anatomical description of the medicinal plant as the primary step to ascertain the identity of the crude material. We at ADEPT check the degree of purity of such plant materials by physico- chemical determinations and we carry out authentic phytochemical procedures before any test is undertaken. We provide testing services for the following herbal preparations.

  • Analytical procedure for Bhasma/ Sindura/ Parpam/ Chenduram (Calx)
  • Description, Identification- Chemical, Loss on drying at 105 0 C, Total Ash, Acid insoluble ash, Water soluble ash, Particle size, Assay of Elements,
  • Analytical Procedures of Lepa/Malhara/Kalimbu/Pasai (Medicated Wax/Cream/Poultice)
  • Description (Colour, Odour, Consistency/uniformity of content, Microscopic (if powdered drugs incorporated), Rancidity test, TLC/HPTLC/GLC, Assay (Whenever possible)
  • Viscosity, pH, Particle Size (if Powdered drugs incorporated) mesh size 125-150, Total fatty matter, Loss on Drying at 105 0 C, Spreadability, Test for Heavy metals (Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Arsenic), Pesticide residue (Organochlorine Pesticides, Organophosphorus Pesticides, Pyrethroids).
  • Analytical Procedures of Avaleha/Leham/Ilagam (Confections/ Semi Solids)
  • Fat Content, Reducing Sugar, Total Sugar, Identifications, TLC/HPTLC, Test for Heavy metals (Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Arsenic), Test for Aflotoxin (B 1 , B 2 , G 1 , G 2 )
  • Analytical Procedure of Ghrta and Taila (Medicated oil and Ghee)
  • Weight/ml, Refractive index at 25 0 C, Viscosity, Iodine value, Saponification value, Acid value, Peroxide value, Idetifications GLC/TLC, Test for Heavy metals
  • Analytical Procedures of Shaarkar/Sharbat/Manappagu (Syrup)
  • Identification by TLC/HPTLC/HPLC, Test for heavy metals, Total bacterial count, Total fungal count, Test for specific pathogens, Test for Pesticide residue
  • Analytical procedures of Vati/Gutika/Modaka/Kuligai/Marthirai/Vadagam (Tablet/Pills)
  • Weight variation, Disintegration time, Dissolution testing, Hardness, Friability testing Identification by TLC/HPTLC/GLC, Assay, Test for heavy toxic metals, Microbial contamination, Test for specific pathogens, Test for Pesticide residue,