Testing Services Details


Adept Pharma and Bioscience offers a wide range of safety evaluation services for the purpose of regulatory submissions at leading national and international regulatory authorities. Studies are conducted based on GLP, OECD, ICH, USP, IP, OPPTS, SANCO, CIPAC, EEC guidelines. State of the art services coupled with highly experienced scientific team. We deliver quality reports world wide.

Analytical services​ include:

  • Product characterization
  • API and formulation analysis (Tablets, Capsules, Solutions, Gels, Creams, Emulsions, Suspensions etc.,)
  • Method development and Method validation of pharmaceuticals, pesticides and food products.
  • Assay by HPLC/GC
  • Dissolution, Disintegration, Friability Testing of Drug Product
  • Identification by UV/IR/ATR
  • Identification and comparison of substance with reference library by using ATR
  • Chemical analysis
  • Physicochemical Parameters
  • Related substance, Impurity profile by HPLC/GC
  • Finished samples/Raw material Analysis
  • Trace/Heavy metals analysis


  • Stability Studies including Long term, Short term and Accelerated storage as per ICH guidelines
  • Force Degradation studies as per ICH guidelines


  • Color, Odor and Physical state of Drug Substance and Drug Product
  • pH
  • Melting point and Boiling Point
  • Viscosity
  • Surface tension
  • Potentiometry
  • Conductimetry
  • Nephelo-Turbidometry
  • Partition coefficient
  • Solubility in water
  • Solubility in organic solvents
  • Accelerated storage stability
  • Container content compatibility
  • Density of solids and liquids
  • Residue on ignition