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The research and development department at adept studies on the wide range of pharmaceutical, life-science and allied products. The company undertakes contract research projects from diverse industries namely pharmaceutical, Agro chemicals, food and beverages, microbiology and biotechnology. However, the company do facilitates and engages its scientific task force in discovery research, not only limited to allopathy, but also in the alternative systems of medicines like Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, siddha and naturopathy. Since the inception, the company worked within the limit of its core values of carrying out business of commercialize, design, develop, display, maintain, modify, market, recondition, remodel, consult, engineer, collaborate or otherwise to deal in pharmacy and bioscience products, catering the best health care and research supports to the industry. The R & D unit of the company which is established in an area of 2200 Sft., includes well defined state of the art grade laboratories equipped with sophisticated and highly sensitive instruments, where cutting-edge research on the formulation and product development have been carried out. Adept also emphasizes on, to understand the critical challenges involved in pharmaceutical product development, stability of doses forms, bio similar development, pre-clinical and clinical studies and finds out the solution at the grass root level.

At present the R & D unit of the company embarked on the expedition of resolving the critical challenges involved in enhancing the storage stability of ester and amide containing drug molecules in parentral formulations, more specifically, the ultra short acting β-1 receptor antagonists. Developing Gels and creams for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and male pattern baldness; stabilizing the Iodine by using highly different (non-volatile) alcohols along with some synthetic as well as natural polymers, Development of endotoxin test Kit, are among the ongoing research work at Adept. The other ongoing research activities includes the analysis of minerals and organic fertilizers, testing the microbial loads and aflotoxin residues in the herbal drugs, food material, natural dyes, beverages, neutraceuticals;  Impurity profiling in active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) as well as in formulations. The Accelerated and storage stability of diverse pharmaceutical formulations is also among the projects at present carried out at the R & D facility. However, newer techniques like Novel drug delivery system (NDDS), Self nano-emulsifying drug delivery system (SNEDDS), Liposomes and nanosomes, matrix based release, buccal delivery, pH- dependent release, polymer film coating, taste masking and development of dose reducing toxicity masking formulations for oncological drug delivery are among the major modus operandi in product development at Adept. The area where we do frontier research engross Parentrals, tablets/bilayered tablets, immediate and controlled release tablets, capsules, liquid-orals, semi-solids, pellets, ophthalmic, cosmetics and toiletries. The facility at present supports formulation and development studies which includes bulk drug characterization with Hygroscopicity, fine particle characterization, powder flow, bulk density, tap density, strength of agglomeration, degradation product analysis and characterization; acid, base and photo stability, crystallinity and polymorphisim (X-ray diffraction). Solubility study includes Ionization constant, common ion effect, thermal effects, solubilization, partition co-efficient, dissolution. Stability Analysis includes Solution stability (pH stability Profile), Solid state stability (Bulk stability, Compatibility). Container and closure Interactions include stiffness, moisture-vapor transmission, stress cracking, clarity or translucency, gas permeability, leaching, sorption, chemical reaction, alteration in the physical property of the container or the product. Drug and excipients compatibility study includes thermal methods, spectroscopic techniques and microscopic techniques. 

The Analytical development R & D wing encompasses the detail study of raw materials and formulations allied to pharmaceutical and bioscience industries. This department is actively engaged in qualitative quantitative elemental analysis, assay and physico-chemical parameters of intermediate products, API, raw materials, finished products, residues along with residual solvents. However, as a part of analysis, method development and validation are carried out employing sensitive and advanced techniques like gas chromatography (GC), Ultra performance  liquid chromatography (UPLC), High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Attenuated total reflectance spectroscopy (ATR), Ultra violet spectroscopy (UV) etc.   This wing efficiently extends its supports along with micro biology to formulation R & D unit. 
The company proposes to have a collaborative study in new drug development with various national scientific agencies like DST, DBT, CSIR and ICMR. In addition to this, the company is also eyeing at international collaborative studies in the area of biosimilar development for dreaded ailments like cancer and HIV. Recently the company also proposed the Department of Science and Technology (DST) Govt.of India, a research and development proposal to develop a storage stable ultra short acting β-1 receptor antagonist parentral formulation, under “Grants-In-Aid to Indian Pharma Industry (including new and small) for clinical trials for developing drugs for neglected diseases under drugs and pharmaceuticals research programme  (DPRP)”. However the company too proposes to have facility like X-Ray diffraction, Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (ss NMR), Scanning electron microscopy, live cell imaging using time-lapse microscopy and Mass spectroscopy very shortly.

Cherishing the unprecedented credentials and achievements of the company since the inception, in the captivating and emerging field of drug development and biochemical research, the company has completed eighteen research projects successfully within a short span of four years. Besides, the company has more than twenty research papers to its own credentials in internationally renowned, prestigious journals of high repute with good impacts. Following are some of the completed projects by the company.

  • Development and evaluation of film type dosage form employed in emergency treatment.
  • Synthesis and evaluation of novel Schiff bases with anticoagulant activity
  • Synthesis of novel Schiff bases with anticoagulant activity
  • Synthesis of  New N-Phthaloyl GABA Derivative for antiepileptic activity
  • Synthesis of  New GABA Derivative for anxiolytics activity
  • Synthesis of  New GABA derivative for  nootropic activity
  • Design and characterization of a new sustained release gastro retentive antipsychotic immediate release antidepressant bilayer tablet formulation
  • Evaluation and optimization of Novel Neutraceutical gum for sustained release of glipizide tablet formulation
  • Synthesis of novel Chalcones with anti oxidant activity
  • Synthesis and evaluation of anti microbial activity of chalcone derivatives
  • Evaluation of antiulcer & anti oxidant of ayurvedic formulation in rats
  • Evaluation of antiulcer & anti oxidant activity of polyherbal  formulation
  • Novel microwave synthesis of new Schiff bases with anticoagulant activity
  • P GABA anti microbial activity
  • Comparative  study of some marketed solid dosage forms of amilodipin
  • Novel synthesis of Schiff bases with antimicrobial activity
  • Apflavone a novel highly potent antinflammatory  new chemical entity
  • Schiff’s bases for antiepileptic activity
  • N-Valproyl Gamma Aminobutyric Acid – A double prodrug antiepileptic agent
  • Solid supersaturatable self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems for improved dissolution, absorption and pharmacodynamic effects of glipizide.
  • Analytical Method development and validation of number of new drugs.

The most recent land marking achievement of the company includes, but not limited to, secure the 5th position in an international conference hosted by SIPRA Labs (SIPRA 15 award) on 2nd of july 2015 (The paper entitled “Enhanced dissolution , absorption and plasma glucose lowering efficiency of glipizide by solid supersaturatable self nano-emulsifying drug delivery systems”, poster code- SIPRA-15-01-110).

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